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As a child, I was obsessed with beauty pageants and always wanted to be a model. There were things in my way-I was short for one, and couldn’t walk in heels; though I learned when I was about 11 or so lol. My love for pageants was exemplified in how I played with my barbies-and this soon developed into a love for fashion. 


My mom bought me my first sewing machine, showed me how to thread it, and told me to practice random stitches. My first creation: a pillow with my name in zig zag stitches! The rest just came to me naturally. I think every seamstress has a Cosby show “Gordon Gartelle” creation in their Rolodex of failed creations-I’m no exception. 

As a self-taught seamstress, the majority of my garments are made without the use of a pattern. I envision the design in my mind, construct and reconstruct it in my head.​​

I created Expressionz by Faith as an homage to my passion and namesake: expressing my creativity through fashion and my name, Imani, which means Faith.  

My hope is that "Expressionz by Faith" will allow women to channel their inner beauty and exude their natural confidence as they display modest fashion.

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Image by Roberto Martinez
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